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Teen Wolf -- Season 3 Wish List

There are a few things that I'm madly hoping we get to see in S3 of Teen Wolf. Realistically, I think very few of these are likely to happen, but it makes me gleeful to think about them. :)

Some spoilers for S3 mentioned behind the cut.

  1. The Sheriff finds out!

    The Sheriff is one of my favourite characters, and while his out-of-the-loopness has been used really well to increase tension in S1 and S2, we're at the point where that's starting to get stale. I really dislike when characters who are meant to be reasonably intelligent act like complete dunces. Stiles figured out lycanthropy in episode one, based on hardly anything, and clearly gets some of that skill from his dad. So now it's time dad finds out, and gets to react to it like a grown-up... like a grown-up with power.

    How: I don't want it to be a cop-out like with Allison and Melissa. I want it to be deliberate; either the Sheriff figures it out, Stiles comes clean, or there's a dramatic reveal that has an element of agency (eg. Derek has to transform in front of him to save the Sheriff's and/or Stiles' lives). And most of all, I want it to make things more complicated, while still opening the way for Stiles and the Sheriff to have more scenes together. A combination of those things (figuring out, telling, showing) would be super awesome.

    Bonus Points: If the Sheriff ends up bitten. Because that would take the Oh Shit factor right off the scale. :)

  2. Victoria and Gerard return, ready to add Chris and Allison to the Argent pack.

    Because they would be the two evilest, most kick-ass werewolves ever. Former hunters? Are probably where all the scary werewolf legends come from. Amirite? I want them to out-think the Alpha pack, hatch revenge plots against Derek, and basically put all their years of hunting strategy to the new purpose of becoming the most powerful pack around.

    How: I want a touching reunion scene with reformed!Allison, in which Allison slowly becomes aware that Mom's just a tiny bit psycho. And then Allison realises Gerard is back too.

    Bonus points: Victoria takes out one of the Alpha pack, thus becoming an Alpha and the main villain for S4. Also, she and Peter have some kind of face-off. Because that would be sassy and awesome beyond the telling.

  3. Werewolf culture, pretty please.

    So Davis has said there's going to be some Derek backstory in S3 (yay, about freaking time), but I'd actually like to get more than just that out of it. It's been two seasons already, and we know barely anything about werewolves, despite them being the focus of the show. I want more than just occasional hints about the existence of werewolf culture -- I want to see what a healthy pack looks like, and the everyday ways they differ from human families. Preferably without being horribly othered, but I'll take that if it gives us a nice big slice of werewolf life. I want to see more Alpha forms -- how many of them look like wolves? How many of them are creepy like Peter? I want to know what roles humans have in packs, and how bitten werewolves are usually integrated. I want to know what customs/rituals/stories packs share and celebrate.

    How: I want to see flashbacks of Derek and Laura being werewolves, as though it's as natural as breathing. I want to see how they're trained and how similar/different it is to the methods Derek used with his betas. I want to see a good Alpha in action, and I want it to be Derek's Mother or Grandmother.

    Bonus Points: If Derek finally turns into his Alpha form. And even more bonus points if another Hale turns up alive, and isn't evil.

  4. Actual arcs for Lydia, Melissa, Erica, Allison, and some new women in major roles.

    Davis has also promised there's going to be a stronger plot arc for Lydia, and a redemption arc for Allison this season, and I want that to be more than lip-service. While the "evil" women have had pretty good plot arcs so far, women in general have been second-class citizens. They end up dead. Their plots get subsumed into the men's plots. They go crazy or evil, are stalked, save men with the power of love, angst about being women, are used as pawns, and die. To be fair, the female characters are fantastically drawn and I love many of them, but there's a pattern to them losing agency that's definitely gendered, and I want some improvement in this regard.

    How: I don't even care. I just want a Bechdel-passing plot arc for at least two female characters that doesn't end in craziness/death/loss of agency.

    Bonus points: For more than two female characters to get a Bechdel-passing arc, and if at least one is a heroine and one is a villain.

  5. Derek and Stiles.

    You think you know what I'm going to say here, don't you? :)

    Derek and Stiles are characters I like separately, and they have great chemistry together and make me laugh, so I just want more of them.

    There's been a big fan push for them to become a canon couple, egged on by Davis. While I'd love a more visible gay/lesbian/bi presence on the show (and given the gay-friendly stance of the show, it's time!), and especially the inclusion of a queer couple, I'm actually more an asexual-romance shipper or friendshipper for Derek and Stiles.

    That said, I'd take a romance between them, and I'd like it. There are nowhere near enough storylines which treat gay romance like a regular love story, rather than Issue Of the Week, or Toxic Lovers Get Tragic End. So to just have a queer flirtation/romance interwoven into a genre show, in a similar way to a het romance, would make me very happy.

    But I'd be more than happy with Derek and Stiles becoming friends and getting up to shenanigans together in S3. (I reserve the right to change my mind for S4. :)

    How: I want them to share a storyline, not just scenes; I want them to become more than allies -- friends or frenemies or more -- and for that to be an important plot point.

    Bonus Points: For Derek being part of the Sheriff finding out about werewolves. Extra bonus points for Scott getting jealous of Stiles spending time with other people.

There are other things I'd really like too: a serious treatment of the fact Scott's been acting like an ass, and is well on the way to becoming a monster; better writing for characters of colour, and more characters of colour; some acknowledgement of Derek's personhood; more Erica/Boyd; a stronger finale.

These don't make my Top 5 because I think we have a better chance of getting them than anything in my current wish list. The least likely is an examination of Scott's character: it's needed, and potentially works in with the ongoing theme of humans being bigger monsters than the werewolves, but I think Scott will still be unproblematically presented as a hero, and I've girded my loins for it. I have hopes for the rest, though, with Deaton and Morrell set to have bigger roles, backstory for Derek planned, the actors for Erica and Boyd having been signed for at least some eps, and more episodes to build up to the finale.

So that's what I want. What about you?

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