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How long do you usually work on your fest submissions?

It's that time of year again!

I really love the end-of-year fan works exchanges and always sign up for at least two or three.

That moment when you open the email and see what your recipient has requested is magic. I love those first few days spent brainstorming, churning through all the different possibilities until settling on one and starting to work.

When I write, I usually spend at least a solid week working on a story, often more if I need to do research or I'm attempting something a bit tricky. That's sometimes spread over several weeks, and sometimes done in a burst over a couple of weekends and/or all-nighters, depending on my work schedule (back in the days when I worked shifts). I always try to get it beta-read by one or two people, so some of that time is spent on re-writes.

Vidding takes at least three weeks, with a lot of the work not actually editing the vid, but doing prep -- conceptualising, researching, planning; finding source, converting it, finding other material (stills, fonts, etc). Prep is definitely the longest stage. Then editing and effects, getting beta feedback and revising. Then the rendering process -- doing test renders, rendering in different sizes for different purposes (large for YouTube, small for downloading, signed, unsigned, etc). Uploading to where-ever it's being hosted can also be very time-consuming if the files are large. Finally, there's doing the cover art, posting the splashpage, testing all the links, and submitting it to the mods.

I really enjoy the work of vidding, but it's not fast.

My favourite fests now are the ones where I can sign up as both a writer and a vidder, because it's nice to know that I could do a "quicky" story if I needed to, in order to meet the deadline.

And yes, in case you hadn't guessed, I'm taking a break right now from working on a fest submission which is due... *looks at clock* ...waaaaay too soon. :)

So, how long do you work on fest pieces? Knock it out in a few hours? Agonise for weeks? Something in between?

What's your favourite part of the process?

I've heard a few people say they prefer creating their gifts to getting one. Is that your experience?

OMG, I'm starting to get so excited! Fests!

PS -- Anyone up for doing a lightning fast beta sometime soonish (probably 3-6 hours)? I can give deets via email.

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