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Open call to all Teen Wolf Yuletide participants

Season’s greetings to all Teen Wolf Yuletide participants!

As you may be aware, the original moderator of the Teen Wolf Yuletide fest for this year has been suffering from pneumonia, and has been unable to respond to email. S/he has our best wishes.

For those of you who signed up for this fest, we are providing an AO3 community, Teen Wolf Yuletide 2012, in which you are welcome to post your gifts. Posting to this community is entirely voluntary, and is offered as a stop-gap in place of the official community posts.

Instructions on how to post to the community are given below the cut.


  • Posting open now: Post your stories/art/vids whenever you’re ready
  • Go live: All posts made public on 23 December 2012
  • Reveal: 1 January 2013

Updates to this plan will be posted in [personal profile] cupidsbow’s Livejournal/Dreamwidth/Tumblr, with the tag of tw-yuletide.

If you need help posting to AO3, you’re welcome to contact [personal profile] cupidsbow by leaving a comment here, or emailing cupidsbower[at]gmail[dot]com. I also have some invite codes if you need one. Please use [AO3] or [TW Yuletide] in the subject line.

The AO3 community is currently co-moderated by [personal profile] cupidsbow and avarosier. However, we are not acting as replacement moderators for the fest. The original moderator has not been able to hand over any of the participant information, and we are offering this option without his/her approval. We have no idea who even signed up or who may have needed to drop out.

If you would like to help out (by pinch-hitting, moderating the comm, or making an icon/banner for the community, for instance), please let us know. We can’t make any promises about pinch-hits, but we’ll see what we can do.

As of now there is a master collection on AO3 for the exchange as a whole (in case the fest is run again next year), and a sub-collection for the 2012 entries.

If you are already a registered user on AO3, please post your work to the Teen Wolf Yuletide 2012 collection by December 23rd, so it can be added to the moderation queue.

If you don’t read this until after December 23rd, go ahead and add your story/art/vid anyway.

If your recipient doesn’t have have an AO3 handle (or signed up with a different handle), just go ahead and post to the collection as usual, and put in the name you were sent. If you don’t remember the name of your recipient, type in “Unknown”, but give as much detail about the prompt as you can in the notes.

If you are not currently an AO3 user, [personal profile] cupidsbow has a pool of invites. To pick up your invite code, please email cupidsbower[at]gmail[dot] com using the address you would like the invite sent to and tag your request with [AO3] in the subject line .

To post to the collection, all you have to do is go to the collection's profile page, and click "Post to Collection".

The form you'll get is the exact same form you get whenever you post a new work, but it will automatically have the collection name applied for you.

You will also notice there is a space to put the name of your recipient. If their name appears in the dropdown menu, select it, otherwise please type in the full name (or use “Unknown” if you don’t remember it) and move on to the next required field.

After you fill in all the necessary information and click post, your work will be entered into our queue. And that's it!

(Our thanks go to the [profile] deancas_xmas mods, from whom we borrowed most of these instructions.)

Happy belated festing,

[personal profile] cupidsbow and avarosier

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