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Festivids 2012 Recs

My eyes are totally square, but it's so worth it, as there are some awesome vids this year! You can find the masterpost here.

A prize of infinite kudos if you can pick which vid(s) I made. :)

My favourites

The Blue Ribbon vid this year is the one made for me:

Aliens series - Stayin’ Low by hollywoodgrrl

It's psychedelic and gruesome, and fills my festivids letter to a T. This is the best Aliens vid I've ever seen, a wonderful nightmarish confection with Ripley at its heart.

Also highly recced:

Amelie - Beauty in the Breakdown by turquoisetumult

We'll Take Manhattan - I've Just Seen A Face by purplefringe

Pumzi - Fire and Water by rhivolution

Maru the Cat - Living In A Box by Little Heaven

Batman: Under the Red Hood - This Night by dragonchic

Big Eden - Cooking Breakfast by bironic

These all took my fancy for one reason or another:

Dororo - Hand in My Pocket by Shati

Charlie's Angels - The Look by Jetpack Monkey

Carrie - Love On Top by sweetestdrain

Eyes without a Face - Made You Move by sweetestdrain

Face/Off - Face/Off by echan

Hero - A Combat in Tribute to You by rhoboat

Ladyhawke - The Wolf Sky by lizbetann

Mayhem (Allstate TV ads) - Mayhem is Coming by sabaceanbabe

Modern Family - Meant to Fly by E-transitions

Moon - Another Code Against the Gone by CherryIce

Parks & Recreation - Give Me Everything by Anoel

The Princess Bride - Killer Dillers by Crowie

Robin Hood: Men in Tights - Amusements in Tights by SDWolfpup

RPF - Teen Wolf Cast - OMG by Greensilver

Sense & Sensibility - Rondo by heresluck

The Wolf Man movies - Wolfsbane by Jetpack Monkey

Wonder Woman - Titanium by Gianduja Kiss

You're Beautiful - Complicated by cappy

3 Ninjas - Defeat You by echan

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