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Midnight musings

Question of the day:

As Derek is a born werewolf with near-instantaneous healing under most conditions, the tattoo on his back must have been done under unusual conditions.

So does that mean it's magical and would also appear on his Alpha form? Because that would be pretty awesome.

Observation of the day:

A while ago I wrote meta on the socio-economic status of the werewolves in Teen Wolf, and how it's mapped on a spectrum from hero (employed, upwardly mobile Scott) to anti-hero (not visibly employed, downwardly mobile Derek).

And then I found out about this...

Spoiler for Season 3 of Teen Wolf
Derek is being touted by The Powers That Be as having more backstory and romance (ie. less obviously an anti-hero) in the upcoming Season 3. Not coincidentally, in my opinion anyway, he has also been given a rockin' bachelor pad. You can see a sketch of it here.

LOL. How hilarious is that? It's like a cross between Dr Evil's lair, and a James Bond love nest!

Supports my argument nicely, yes?

Oh, and Season 3 has now officially been scheduled to begin airing on June 2!

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