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Weirdness on Supernatural

I haven't watched the second half of season 8 of Supernatural yet, but I'm getting the distinct impression that something strange is going on. Or maybe it's just the fan filter I'm seeing things through, but...

Spoilers for S8

One of the themes of the first half of the season was clearly Dean's PTSD, going beyond the self-medication of alcohol and sex, and coming to a place where Dean was too tired to fake it anymore and was starting to let it all hang out.

I was afraid to hope that this might actually be for real, and that they'd continue on with that theme, but I'm seeing all these animated gifs, and it seriously looks like they have. OMG. So tell me, oh flist...

  • Is Dean really making friends? Several, that he hugs and says he needs and accepts affection from?

  • Is the relationship with Benny really a metaphor for Dean finding ways to forgive himself for his own "monstrous" crimes?

  • Are he and Charlie really becoming buddies? Did he really tell her how to flirt with a guy, go clothes shopping with her, give her an entirely platonic kiss? Is she really teasing him about Castiel?

  • Has Dean really stopped drinking and sleeping in his clothes? Has he really not been flirting with women?

  • Are they really setting him up as bisexual in more than a nudge-nudge-his-siren-is-a-guy kind of way? And are they really fucking doing it in a way that isn't subtly coding gayness as wrong?

Because if any or all of that is true, I can't wait for the season to end so I can watch it.

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