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Things which concern me today

My concerns about eating

It genuinely gives me a sense of creeping horror that so many people are still so invested in denial of climate change.

I see numbers like this, going ever upward for most of my adult life. I see reports of the effects of these increases in reputable journals, not only in terms of abrupt and disastrous localised weather changes, and longer term climate change (warmer oceans and shrinking ice caps, etc), but in repeated crop failures, animal deaths, and the huge economic and social costs of these things. And that's without even mentioning all the other negative side effects of pollution.

How can anyone who wants to continue to eat not be worried about this? Is that why so many people want to colonise Mars?

My concerns about fellow fans

How did this not register for me?

The police in Zhengzhou Province arrested 32 slash fiction writers whose work had appeared on a Web site specializing in homoerotic content. The arrested writers were all women, and most were in their 20s.

What? What?

How is this not everywhere? We should be talking about this.

I don't have contacts in China, or frankly, the spoons to try and reach out. But has anyone? Have these women been released? Is there anything that can be done to find out/help them?

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