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Pet Teen Wolf S3 theory

This isn't exactly a spoiler, as it's not based on anything except a feeling I've picked up from the teasers, but I'm putting it behind the cut anyway.

I think in S3 we're going to see... zombies. Specifically werewolf zombies (other than Peter).

Why? It's really not based on much. The tag line, "This might hurt." Well, what will hurt more than loved ones coming back as monsters?

Then there's the teasers. Red, blue, orange and black eyes. What can black eyes be representing for a werewolf or another type of shifter? Death perhaps, or evil, or both. It certainly doesn't fit the Alpha/Beta/Omega triad, so it must be something else. Then there's death of self as a major theme, as expressed through Scott killing of his old human self and accepting the wolf.

Also, there are so many "dead" characters in Beacon Hills -- Argents, Hales, cops, and potentially Stiles' mom. Zombies can bring all these characters back for an encore.

(My favourite theory about Stiles' mom is that she isn't dead, but faked her own death or left in a cloud of mystery and is still a missing person; my super favourite theory is that she got bitten and decided to leave in order to protect Stiles and the Sheriff.)

So yeah. I feel no surety about that speculation whatsoever. But it amuses me.

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