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Hope List

I posted my wish list for Teen Wolf S3 ages ago, and it pretty much still stands.

However, I also have a hope list.

I hope I like Scott this season. He's got some serious work to do to get me onside, because he's been a giant douche for large chunks of the previous seasons. But I want to like him, so I hope he's written as a lot less douchetastic (although the trailer is giving me doubts already). It would help if the text were just a little less blindly in love with him. Fingers crossed!

I hope that Deaton makes more sense as a character. I don't need to like Deaton, I'm happy for him to be ambiguous or even a bit ethically suspect as he has been in the past, as long as he has good reasons for being so. But I do need for him to be more than Scott's Yoda. Characterisation please!

I hope Lydia Martin's storyline consists of more than screaming and crying attractively and being a girlfriend. Please, please, please!

I'm not going to waste my time hoping for Derek not to be the constant butt of the joke, because that's his role in the text. It's inevitable, even though I find it annoyingly one-note. But I do hope that werewolves are less othered by the text (as opposed to othered by the characters within the text). I'm hoping by having villainous werewolves to other, the Beacon Hills packs get to be people. That would make me happy.

SPOILER IN THIS ONE: I hope that Laura is super awesomesauce. My headcanon has her being not such a great Alpha because she's so young, much like Derek. But we already have Derek filling that role, so in canon, I'd rather have her awesome. It would be good to have an awesome female character with superpowers and agency.

What about you?

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