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Who are you in your imaginarium?

I read a lot of posts in which people say things like, "I'm waiting for the TARDIS to appear at the bottom of my garden; I have a knapsack packed and ready to go," or "I'm waiting for my Hogwarts letter," or "I always look in wardrobes for the secret door," or something along those lines.

And I'm always bemused, you know. I always have this moment of, "Why would you dream that?"

Not because they are bad dreams. Not at all.

But because when I imagine myself in those 'verses-made-real, it's, like, my amnesia has finally worn off and I realise I'm the freaking Timelord and my TARDIS is the shabby box I've been keeping records in at the bottom of my cupboard, and I'll be the one inviting people to travel the universe with me.

Or, the magical curse is finally broken, and I don't need a Hogwarts letter, because I'm actually Hermione Granger on a secret Muggle time-turner mission.

Or, I don't need a wardrobe with a secret door, because obviously I'm an exile whose memories have been stripped, but I'm actually The Blue Queen (second cousin to the White Queen, obviously) or something. As soon as I figure out how again, I'll be able to click my fingers and walk though any mirror I like.

And yes, I know what those secret stories of mine are, but Mary Sue for the win, right? Just because I wouldn't write them down and inflict them on other people, I'm not going to let that stop me being the hero in my own fantasies.

Do any of you dream those things too?

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Tags: fandom, meta
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