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What's the opposite of Jossed or Kripke'd?

It's so weird. Teen Wolf 301 actually makes two of my current WIPs more plausible. That's not supposed to happen. :)

No concrete spoilers below, it's all generalities.

Overall, I liked the episode. It opened up some interesting new questions. My favourite characters are still my favourites. The women got more screen time and were interesting. The new characters were mostly intriguing. The direction they're taking with the worldbuilding is promising. All happymaking things.

The text is still too in love with Scott to be entirely enjoyable or believable, but Scott as a character was fine. I wish they'd just dial that "OMG he's so awesome" stuff back a notch or two, but I'm getting better at watching with my, "just remember it's a story told by an infatuated boyfriend" goggles on.

A good start, Teen Wolf. You have my interest.

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