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In a land of werewolves and magic, surely virginity has more than one "solution"

Okay, I'm tired of the "Stiles deals with his pesky virginity" stories already, and it's been less than a week. They are nearly all horrid, dubious consent numbers, and not at all enjoyable.

You know the story I want?

I want the one where Derek has issues about people pressuring someone who is under the age of consent into having sex before they're ready. I want him to get into people's faces about it. I want him to insist, with no hidden agenda, that Stiles should make his own choice, and that choice includes no, and it also includes yes, and it includes who his partner might be, and when it might happen. And then Derek just kind of hangs out on Stiles' roof at night so he can't be kidnapped by the killer, and can make up his own mind at his own pace.

And there isn't actually any sex in the story at all. Instead, Stiles goes to Deaton and gets a protection spell, and the story fades to black with Stiles seeing Derek in a new light, but not ready to do anything about it yet. It ends with Stiles feeling perfectly fine and happy about still being a virgin, (or at least, no more antsy than he was before) and kind of pleased at having the option to use his virginity as bait for the killer if needed at some point down the track. It ends with Derek telling him he's an idiot for even thinking about such a stupid plan, but grudgingly conceding that it's Stiles virginity to do what he wants with.

The end.

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Tags: meta, teen wolf
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