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Gen X fail

Dear Gen X'ers,

I expected better of you.

In the past, it was easy to blame encultured sexism and racism on the Baby Boomers -- they are easy targets, and we had a lot of fun with that growing up. We had fun laughing at the aging Hippies too, who have now long since hung up their flowers and peace signs in favour of mortgages and families; their simple, every-day hypocrisy was an easy target.

While those generations are still clinging onto power, we really can't keep blaming them anymore. Gen X is now a significant part of the work force, and are making steady in-roads into management. Great, go us. About time.

But what do we have to show for ourselves, this generation who have always known women in the workforce, and were teens when Margaret Thatcher was PM, Madonna ruled the airwaves, and Germain Greer was still a public icon at large?
  • No movies telling women's stories coming out of Hollywood. Fewer than there were in the frigging 40s, or the 60s, or even the 80s. I want to go to the movies and see women who are more than sex objects. This is not actually a terrible secret I have never voiced, and I am not alone in wanting this.
  • So few women (outside of performers, and even then) who have the kind of public image and respect that the men at the top of their fields have.
  • A renewed backlash against feminism, which is a word so tainted now that young women have to think carefully about using it if they want certain careers.
I could go on and on about this. I won't. But I'm so angry, fellow Gen X'ers. What the hell are you even thinking? Where did we go so wrong?

No love,

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