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Teen Wolf: Time to ramp it up

In which I opine on various Teen Wolfish topics...

Here be S3 spoilers, eps 1-4 

Time to ramp things up

We're 4 eps in, and there's 8 left to go until season hiatus. So far, we've had a lot of set-up and skating over things -- Why didn't we get to see Cora when she first woke up? Why was Scott's confession to Allison skated over so half-assedly? Why didn't we get to see Derek finding Erica? Who even is Boyd? Arrrgh, show! You are skipping important things.

Anyway, it's been fun, and there have been the usual shocks (Alpha Twin Powers Activate!) and cheese (Oh, Deucalion!) I've come to expect and enjoy, but it's time to get into things more deeply. Start complicating, Davis, and I don't mean by upping Derek's manpain to all new levels.

More about my Zombie theory

I'm glad they've done away with the "virgin" part of the ritual murders; the Danny scene was totally worth it, but the whole concept of Stiles feeling pressured was otherwise icky, so good riddance to that bit of the plot.

It also effectively ups the stakes. Who might be the next trio of sacrifices? Parents (Melissa McCall, the Sheriff)? Teachers (Finstock, Blake)? Medics (Melissa McCall, Deaton)? Alphas (so many choices :)?

At present, I still think Peter is in the frame, with the goal of raising the Hales. The very fact that Harris died, and knew the killer, seems like a good match for Peter to me -- Harris would feel guilty/afraid of him, and as an accomplice in the fire, of course Peter would kill him.

That said, I'm starting to think that Peter is too obvious, and there's going to be another twist. I'm not ready to abandon this theory yet, as it fits really well, but I'm happy to speculate.

Think of the story arc so far. We have 24 episodes, and we know they were split for a hiatus after 12. So at 4 eps in, we're a third of the way through the first arc. I know 4 eps doesn't seem like much, but it's late in the narrative to introduce a major antagonist; major players of the first arc should all have at least been hinted at, if Davis is playing fair.

So, if it's not Peter, if he's one of Davis' classic bait-and-switches (and nice irony to use him that way, given S1), who else have we met in the first four episodes who could be a suspect? And what could be their motive, because if it's not Peter, the killer might not be trying to raise anyone with the ritual murders.

Other than Peter, these are the suspects I can think of who seem in any way viable so far (in order of likelihood):
  • Victoria Argent (as a werewolf, possibly in cahoots with Gerard) -- I like this theory, and her introduction was so sneaky; there are several possible motives for her, such as turning herself human again, or destroying all werewolves. I think Victoria as an antagonist has some possibility of happening, given the Argents are positioned as major antagonists in the show, and Chris and Allison need a reason to Hunt again. 
  • Jennifer Blake -- let's face it, she's suspicious. Derek pulled out his flirting face with her. We have seen that face before; that's how he sucks up to strangers. Admittedly, the scene did take place before the Alpha attack, before he was burning bridges, so there's a chance it was legit (and it was pretty cute, I'll grant you). To me, though, it looks more like Derek getting intel and/or sounding out whether she might be a candidate for the bite (I can see his "protect" instinct being triggered by her). What surprised me was the way Jennifer took control of that conversation while never seeming assertive; she assumed Derek's motive was to threaten her, and in response Derek went easy on her (nice misdirection, there, Ms Blake). And you know what that did? It neatly short-circuited any attempt to ask what the hell she was doing hanging around the school basement at night looking at records (are staff records kept down there perchance, like previous jobs in the military)? So many ??????? Ms Blake! You do not fool me with your gentle air. Women are too often victims on this show, but they are not gentle. Why are you so different? What is your cunning plan?
  • The Alphas -- they are the canonical in-text suspects at the moment, but it does seem just as obviously a red herring because it's too obvious; but maybe there's a twist within a twist. Maybe there are factions amongst them, and we'll see some double-crossing or other shenanigans. No idea what the motive would be. Raising the Hales so their new Alpha recruit can kill them? Seems dumb.
  • Lydia -- unlikely, but there have been canonical hints she's worried about being used as a patsy again.
  • Morell -- seems unlikely, as there's no motive even hinted so far, but she is generally suspicious (mistranslating things, and hanging out with Alpha werewolves).
  • Deaton -- unlikely, but he has been dodgy in the past, has a sketchy supernatural history, and knows a lot about the mystical arts.
  • Cora -- unlikely, but she could be as crazy as Peter and have spent the last 8 years becoming Voldemort.
  • Erica (if she's a secret Alpha and whammied people's minds to think her dead) -- unlikely, but kind of neat if it happened that way; no obvious motive, except her righteous anger at being fridged.
  • Mystery Girl -- unlikely; we just don't know enough about her, but she seemed to save Isaac from the Alphas, and there's no hint of a motive.
  • Scott's dad -- wasn't introduced, so very unlikely; if he's a big player, I'd guess it'll be in the second arc. But still, there's a question mark over him, as the plot has mentioned Scott's mystical destiny, and Melissa seems entirely human and non-mystical so far (best long-con ever if she's not).
I can't think of anyone else. Can you?

Chris Argent and his mansplaining

I have seen several posts now about how super-duper Chris' werewolves 101 lecture was. Seriously?

I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire thing, because it sounded like every example of mansplaining I've ever heard. My head-canon is that Derek was rolling his eyes on the inside, and going, "Blah, blah. Just give us the toys, Douche-face, so we can save my Betas."
What are your pet theories?

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