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The problem of Scott: once more with feeling

A spoilery rant about one of Scott's S3 scenes.

Okay, look, I don't understand why people think Scott lying to Allison about her mother is noble. It wasn't.

Yes, telling the truth would have hurt her, and not coincidentally it would probably also have destroyed his relationship with Allison, because blaming the messenger is a real thing, and she would have punished him for it, for at least a while.

So it was cowardly and self-interested of him not to tell her, as well as genuinely compassionate. Let's not make it either/or; I think Scott has enough depth for it to be both noble and ignoble at the same time, as so many of our hardest decisions are.

But intentions aside (because intentions are only part of the story), not telling her was lying by omission, which is a shitty basis for a relationship, especially when it's something so important. This was not a kind white lie. This was a lie that put Allison in danger, because it meant she fundamentally misunderstood the people around her. It was also a lie that disrespected her -- it was based on the assumption that she was too fragile for the truth.

Because of this lie, she did not understand that Victoria was to blame, for both attacking Scott and for committing suicide, and this misunderstanding left Allison vulnerable to the manipulations a psychopath.

Scott could not have known the consequences of his actions, it's true, and so you think this means his lie was not that important, because he didn't mean to hurt her. It was Gerard, after all, who took advantage of her (and let's put aside for a moment that Scott was pretending to be on Team Gerard during much of that time, shall we).

You are right, and you are wrong.

If you have never seen it before, this is what actually happens when you lie to people about important things: people put their trust where they shouldn't, they end up vulnerable and damaged, and you end up losing their love anyway, because they don't trust you anymore once they (inevitably) find out the truth.

Scott is still a kid, which is the one really solid reason for forgiving him for this -- he doesn't yet understand that sometimes it's kinder to tell a hard truth than to leave people unawares and unsuspecting.

It is not admirable, though, to tell this kind of lie. It is the exact opposite of admirable. Please stop saying it's admirable.
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