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Teen Wolf shipping: Stiles, Jennifer and Sterek

Here's a vid by sinycatarina, comparing Derek's scenes with Jennifer to those with Stiles. I'd picked up on some of these, but not all of them.

Spoilers for Teen Wolf S3 below...

Sterek speculation

The parallels are really obvious when laid out side by side like this. Interesting. It has to be on purpose. I know a lot of fans are speculating that it's on purpose in order to give Sterek fans what they want without giving them a gay couple.

That doesn't seem all that credible to me. Not in this particular show.

What are you doing, Davis? What deep game are you playing?

Did the Alphas fuck with Derek's memory? Did Jennifer? Is Jennifer even real?

Here's my speculation, such as it is...

So far this season it's been made clear that Stiles is now canonically over his placeholder crushes on Lydia and Danny. By "placeholder crushes" I mean the kind of crushes which are based on real enough feelings, but which the holder has no intention of trying to turn into a relationship -- practice crushes if you like, or even protective coloration for someone who knows they aren't ready, but feels the need to start playing the game of attraction for social reasons. That's how I've always read Stiles' crushes on Lydia and Danny, although your mileage may vary.

With the scenes we've had so far in S3 between Stiles and Lydia and Stiles and Danny, I think he's past that enough now that he could legitimately start an actual relationship with either of them at some point, although he also doesn't seem particularly invested in doing so, which I'm liking (because it's opening up less stereotypical plots lines and character arcs).

Anyway, the reason for that digression is that Davis has been at pains to show us that Stiles is sexually available (Heather), over his crushes from S1 and S2 (his whole attitude to Lydia has changed), and bisexual (his reaction to Danny's fake offer -- he's pissed because it's mean, not because it's gay; and burn to Danny, because his fake offer was pitched at the crush he knew perfectly well Stiles has had on him, but Stiles' reaction is too mild to be more than slightly interested and then slightly put out at being teased. I love that we get to see Danny's personality -- always knew he had to be a bit of an asshole to be friends with Jackson -- and at the same time, Stiles unwittingly spoils Danny's joke from having the pay-off Danny expected. Ha ha ha. Go Stiles.). Plus Derek is on his mind, and on his list... twice.

Derek is more opaque, which is typical, but given he's the common factor in the parallels, it's really suggestive that his experiences with Jennifer are somehow informed by his history with Stiles. And given his relationship with Jennifer is coded as sexual/romantic, that is suggestive about the way he has internally categorised his relationship with Stiles.

So where does that get us with regards to Sterek in canon? Between Stiles' availability, the parallels between Jennifer and Stiles, Jennifer's canonical creepiness, and Derek being open to the idea of sex for the first time in canon, the way has been opened and the clues are begging to be put together to indicate that Sterek is going to be an actual plot point in some form.

What form, though? Probably not a sweet romance, I'm guessing. :) Possibly it will be used as an element in revealing the dimensions of this season's problem (helping reveal the mind-fuckery) and the identity of the villain, which would be kind of exciting.

I'm not totally sold on this reading yet, but the elements are definitely there in the text, and I kind of like the potential that Davis has set up. It has a really interesting shape. If he's going to make Sterek canon, it has to have a huge kick given the fan-base and expectations -- it can't be a sweet unfolding like Scott and Allison had. What we have so far is exactly the kind of deep set up it would need.

Interesting times!
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