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Why I want a gay MJ

Some of you might have heard the recent suggestion about MJ from Spiderman being played by a guy, as a gay love interest. And I have an opinion about that, nay, a rant...

It has to be pretty clear by now that I'm all for positive gay representation in the media. Offer me a gay romance, and I'll be waving my rainbow pompoms and cheering, even if it isn't one of my slash ships, and even though most on-screen romances make me cringe, no matter their orientation (they are so often poorly done and full of skin-crawling cliches, ugh).

Anyway, given that, you'd think I'd be all for a gay MJ, right?


However, I do not want a man playing gay MJ. I want a woman playing her as a lesbian.

You know why? Because while I'm all for positive gay representation, I'm also, just as much, for positive female representation. And you know what a male MJ sounds like to me? Like someone in Hollywood went: "Hey, gay's hot now, right? So you know how we can get rid of even more icky women? We could have all the love interests played by men too! Yeah!"


So, yes, I want a lesbian MJ, playing the love interest to Peta Parker who cross-dresses as Spiderman. Because that would be awesome.

Peta does it accidentally at first -- she's young enough and skinny enough, and her botched-together costume is loose enough that everyone just assumes she's a guy. And she thinks, "Actually, that's a pretty great disguise." So she does it on purpose after that -- upgrades the suit so her breasts are flattened and there's subtle shoulder and waist armour that changes her shape, and a voice gadget built into the mask to lower her voice a bit.

And there you have it: Peta Parker and MJ, awesome lesbians in love.

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Tags: feminism, glbt, meta, rant
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