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The Overcooked

So, to recap the season so far...

Spoilers up to 310

What we have learned this season is that Derek was manipulated by Peter into killing his first girlfriend, Paige, beneath the Druid's oak, which was otherwise just a dead tree. As a result of this virgin sacrifice, the oak regained enough magical power to curse Beacon Hills -- because apparently that's what happens with such oaks if they are damaged while powered up, and this one is just a stump above ground which I think we can all agree counts as damage.

We do not know who cut down the oak, but my money is on Peter or Gerard.

Thanks to the curse:
  • Ennis bit an Argent, triggering the massacre of the werewolf packs meeting up for the Wolf Moot in Beacon Hills
  • In response, the Argents threw out the code, Gerard killed most of the werewolves in Beacon Hills, Kate seduced Derek and killed the Hales; the few surviving werewolves were torn apart by their insane and grieving Alphas to form the Alpha pack; Julia survived Kali's killing spree thanks to the oak's power
  • As a result of Kate's actions, Peter went psycho, killed Laura, bit Scott, manipulated Lydia, kidnapped and threatened Stiles, and continued to use Derek
  • Derek did as Peter had taught him and committed his second mercy killing, which denied Scott his chance to regain humanity and meant Derek absorbed Peter's Alpha essence
  • High on Peter's Alpha power, Derek bit Jackson (who became a kanima used for a murder spree), Erica (murdered by Alpha pack), Boyd (murdered by Alpha pack using Derek's claws), and Isaac (defected to Scott's pack)
  • Scott, pissed off at Derek stealing his chance at regaining humanity punished Derek by letting Allison think Derek had killed her mom, and double-crossed and physically used Derek in order to take down Gerard, thus enabling Gerard to manipulate Allison into a killing machine, and Matt to continue his kanima murder-spree for longer than he otherwise would have
  • The Alpha pack came back to Beacon Hills to gain more power (ie. werewolf Jesus), for end-game reasons which are still unclear
  • The Darach came back to Beacon Hills to seek revenge on the Alpha pack, seduced Derek, and sacrificed people to increase her power
  • Werewolf Jesus has been corrupted by the oak and keeps acting like a giant bag of dicks, which just makes things worse

In other words, everything single bad thing we've seen happen in Beacon Hills is because Derek was a terrible boyfriend to Paige. Or possibly because Peter caused Paige's death, depending on the truthiness of his obviously lie-filled flashback.

Seriously. That's the plot.

In case you haven't figured it out, this pisses me off.

I was expecting a big pay-off for the Darach's sacrifices and Paige's death -- my pet theory was raising zombies, but I would have been happy with something as left-field and fresh as the kanima, which was such a great twist. But all of that build up was for a curse that's not even the focus of the season's plot; the only immediate link to this season's arc is the Darach's moustache-twirling revenge on the Alphas.


That is so dumb.

What I liked about Seasons 1 and 2 was the cleverness. There were some issues in execution, and particularly the finales, but overall the characterisation was interesting, the plotting tight and well-paced, and the inversions on the usual horror cliches fresh and surprisingly clever.

This season nullifies nearly all of that cleverness, and to make it worse the execution has been increasingly terrible as the season has progressed. I suspect in Davis' mind linking all the events of previous seasons to this single "root" cause was meant to be super-clever, but instead it comes off as both silly and reductive. It also retroactively makes the earlier seasons less interesting, which I did not think possible.

How? How did Davis manage to do that? It boggles me.

At this point I'm giving up on the plot of season 3A. It's not going to make sense, and the resolution, no matter how twisty, is not going to make anything better. Best case scenario, the curse is broken, and part of the season is reset or shown to be a delusion, and you know it's a crummy plot when the reset button seems a good choice.

I plan to continue watching, as Davis hasn't quite managed to kill off my love of Stiles, Lydia, Melissa and the Sheriff, or, despite his best efforts, Derek. I'm also newly interested, despite everything, in Danny, Allison, Ethan and Talia. I'd like to be interested in Cora as well, if she ever gets any character development other than as the switch-out for Erica (seriously, it would have taken two scenes -- her reunion with Derek, and a scene in which she's mysterious about where she's been all these years -- how hard is that?).

Whether that is enough to keep me interested over the hiatus remains to be seen.

Other elements of note this season:

No-one listens to Stiles, even though he seems to be the only person not affected by the curse. I am interested in this despite myself. I don't really want to be at this stage, given what I've said above, but Dylan O'Brien is so watchable that I actually still want to know why he's immune to the curse, and why no-one listens. If his mom isn't somehow super-awesome (please god, not another misogynist fridging), thus hopefully explaining Stiles' curse-immunity and "spark", I'm going to be double-done with Davis' writing, with rage-fist cherries on top.

Sterek continues to be a delight, despite the massacring of Derek's character (not that he's ever been allowed to have much in the way of characterisation other than MANPAIN, but at least it was sympathetic manpain in S1 and 2). Whenever they're on screen Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Hoechlin are rocking the subtext gorgeously. I'm still convinced that if Sterek goes canon it will be in a horrible and painful way, so I feel torn about how much I'm liking this aspect.

Scott really does seem to be Darth Vader. This pleases me. Finally, Scott's characterisation makes sense! I suppose this is the one good thing of the season that Davis will somehow attempt to undo before the end.

Are any of you still enjoying the plot?
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