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Teen Wolf predictions and speculations

Since the start, I've been making predictions and speculations about how this season of Teen Wolf would go. Let's see how I've scored so far, and what I think will happen in the final eps of 3A.

My Season 3 predictions

Zombies and Banshees
Before the season even started, I posted my entirely speculative theory that zombies, or returns-from-the-dead would be a plot point this season. I expanded on it in my review of eps 1-3 and added that Lydia might be a Banshee:

But my current guess is that Peter is trying to resurrect the Hale family. We already know Peter can do this kind of magic, but he needed a pawn and a power source (Lydia and Derek) to make it happen. While I don't think she's the killer, Lydia is already sensitive to the sacrifices and may still have a link to Peter (although that's probably a bait-and-switch; I do love the Banshee theory about Lydia's scream -- that would be such a great way to give the horror trope of the female scream agency). And now there's a whole Alpha pack in town as well -- potential batteries galore. So my current question: is Peter the killer or does he have an Igor?

Result: mostly confirmed, although not the way I expected. The Darach is a character presumed dead and returned to life through magical means. It's still unclear what the ultimate purpose of the ritual sacrifices is, so there could potentially be more returns to life in the next two eps. Lydia is also a Banshee.

Jennifer is a Monster
In my review of eps 5-6, I picked Jennifer as villain:

I'm now firmly aboard the Jennifer-is-a-secret-monster train.

Result: confirmed

Sterek going Canon
In my post about Teen Wolf shipping: Stiles, Jennifer and Sterek, I pointed out that the groundwork for a Stiles/Derek relationship had been laid, and predicted that it if it happened it would probably not be happy:

What form, though? Probably not a sweet romance, I'm guessing. :) Possibly it will be used as an element in revealing the dimensions of this season's problem (helping reveal the mind-fuckery) and the identity of the villain, which would be kind of exciting.

Result: So far unconfirmed, but still possible

Peter was Paige's Boyfriend; Various Villainous Reveals
In my recap post of 308, I made several speculations and predictions, including that Peter might have been telling his story, not Derek's, in the flashback. Additionally:

Act 3... I predict
9. One bad guy will finally be revealed properly, probably Darach (Jennifer Blake) and/or Peter; Sterek parallels and mind-fuckery may be explained. Lydia will probably do reveal.
10. Another bad guy will finally be revealed, probably to do with Alpha pack. Turning into full wolves and werewolf Jesus will likely be explained more. Morell and Nameless Girl from #1 will probably be explained.
11. Everyone but Scott gets kidnapped/tortured/mind-fucked/fridged and/or called a liar by the Sheriff, and Scott tries to turn into a wolf.
12. Whole team comes together to vanquish bad guys. Scott pulls improbable werewolf Jesus stunt that I will find super-skeevy. Bad guys suffer ignoble fate and/or redemption; one bad guy might escape. Foreshadowing for Season 3.2 will take place.

Result: Half right.

Right: The Darach was revealed as Jennifer Blake in 309. Kali's Alpha pack backstory as it relates to Jennifer was given to us in 310 (but motivation is still not clear).

Mostly right: Lydia didn't do the reveal of the Darach but was instrumental. I was off by two episodes on the reveal to the Sheriff, but right that it would happen and about him not believing Stiles. I was right that much of the cast would be kidnapped or otherwise imperiled, but got the wrong episodes, and was wrong that Scott wouldn't be one of them. I was right that Scott would do something I find skeevy, but he did it earlier than expected.

Completely Wrong: I was wrong about timing -- that the mindfuckery would be explained by 310, or that Morell and Nameless Girl would make sense by 310. I was wrong we'd be given more character development, or werewolf plot, for main characters before 311. However, these things could still potentially happen in remaining eps.

Unconfirmed: Sterek, and Peter's lies about Derek and Paige.

Updated Predictions for 311 and 312

311: Stiles will come up with a Plan B, and in the absence of Scott, will join forces with Derek, and possibly Allison, Issac and Peter. Chris will be kidnapped as the third guardian. The Sheriff and Melissa will do something to temporarily foil the Darach. Derek will do something self-sacrificing and in a shocking twist it will seem to work! And then have an unexpectedly terrible after-effect. We will learn something about Cora's survival from the fire. The mind-fuck theme will finally make sense.

312: There will be mutiny in the Alpha pack, and their motives will finally become clear. The Darach will be hoist by her own petard, perhaps with the help of Deaton, Morell and Stiles, and possibly Nameless Girl. The dead will be raised -- possibly including all the werewolves murdered in Beacon Hills. Scott will do something super-skeevy; he will also possibly apologise to Stiles and/or Allison for losing faith, and become a True Alpha and turn into a wolf; something parallel will happen to Derek. Something Stereky will happen, and it will probably be tragic.

What do you think will happen in the next two eps?

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