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Letter for TW Holidays 2013

Dear TW Holidays writer,

Thanks for signing up for the fest and being my perfect match. :)

I have pretty broad tastes in terms of genre (basically anything goes, and I’ll like it), but fairly specific tastes in terms of relationships and squicks -- that’s mainly what I’ve outlined below, along with some specific prompts.

The characters/pairings:

My favorite characters are: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Alison Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall, Cora Hale; I also like Erica and Boyd but would rather not have a fic focused on them this year (too sad).

My favourite ships are:
  • Derek/Stiles (slash or friendship)
  • Lydia & Alison (friendship)
  • Stiles & Lydia (friendship)
  • Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall (ship or friendship)
  • Sheriff & Stiles (family)
  • Derek & Cora (family)
  • Erica/Boyd (ship or friendship)

What I want:

Friendship -- whether characters are in a romantic relationship or not, I want them to like each other, and either just be falling into friendship, or already comfortable with it.

I love plotty stories and character studies. My favourite genres are romances or friendship-romances, especially when mixed with: adventure, mystery, rom-com, time travel, werewolf culture, action plots. I love both canon and AU stories. When it comes to AUs, my favourites tends to be ones in which werewolves are public knowledge, and seeing how that changes things.

The fest doesn’t allow for fan art or vid sign-ups, but I love both. If you would prefer to write the bare-minimum number of words and make me fan art or a vid, I’m going to be thrilled to bits. Everything I’ve said for fic goes for art and vids too.

What I don’t want:

Rape, non-con, dark relationships, abuse, deathfic, torture, bdsm, extreme angst, misogyny.

A bit of angst is okay, but I dislike over-the-top angst, especially of the “does s/he like me” type. I dislike stories which revolve around a simple misunderstanding that could be resolved with a ten second conversation.

I enjoy sex scenes when they are woven into a plot, but I’m not a fan of PWPs -- I’d rather a PG friendship fic. If sex scenes aren't your forte, great, a gen fic is just fine. If writing sex is your forte, I don't mind a bit of kink or mild D/s, but I'm just as happy with vanilla. I'd rather have scenes without penetrative sex.

I’ve listed my favourite characters above, and having the other characters in bit parts or in the background is fine, but please no major focus on them.


In terms of genre, I will enjoy pretty much anything you make for me, but if you want to see the kinds of stories I rec, you can find my recs here: I have broad tastes, so do write to your strengths. That said, here are some things I’d particularly like:

The Sheriff becoming embroiled in a typical Stiles and Derek misadventure. Bonus points if Melissa becomes involved at some point.

AU with a still-alive Hale pack, and the town knowing about the supernatural -- how Stiles and Derek meet and what the town thinks about it.

Stiles becomes an Emissary to the Hale pack. How does Stiles realise he’s an Emissary? Does he train himself, or ask Morrell, or what? How does he realise he’s working for the Hales and not Scott? Does it just happen, or does Derek ask, or does Stiles boss him into it? Or is it an AU in which he’s always know he would become the Emissary to the new Hale Alpha?

Lydia and Allison being friends and having an adventure together. Perhaps they go undercover to find out about banshees, or they go to a Hunters convention with a “know your enemy” approach. Bonus points if they cross paths with Derek and Stiles having a misadventure at some point.

Lydia and Stiles solve a mystery together. Bonus points if it's funny. Extra bonus points if they cross paths with Derek, Allison and/or the Sheriff at some point.

Are Stiles and Derek friends? I want to see their friendship begin -- ridiculous shenanigans, them getting themselves into and out of trouble, how they interact when other people are around, etc.

Derek reconnecting with extended family, maybe through Cora. I know it’s hard to focus on something other than angst with Derek, but I would like to see some other sides of him. Bonus points if Stiles (and the Sheriff) have to meet the Hale family.

Derek can turn into a full wolf, but has never told anyone. What does he do when he lurks around as a wolf? Bonus points if he sometimes sneaks into a hospice and pretends to be a service dog, taking away pain and enjoying the pats, and has been doing so since he and Laura were teens and did it together.

A day in the life of Sheriff Stilinski. Bonus points for him encountering gossip of various kinds about the pack members and/or the supernatural as he does his rounds.

If you’re making art or vidding, most of the prompts above should still give you some direction. Basically, I like action-packed vids and character studies, and I enjoy both canon-based and constructed reality vids. I like podvids too.
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