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Dear Festividder

Yay, it's Festivids time! Thank you so much for signing up and offering one of my fandoms.

The short version of this letter is that I love pretty much all the vids, so I'm going to love anything you make me. :)

This year, I've focused on Australian sources and awesome women, with a few other bits and bobs in there for variety. Any of these would make me happy, so go with your strengths.

If you have a particularly out-there idea, one you might normally hesitate to make for a fest, I'm the person to make it for. I love vids that go where no vidder has gone before. My favourite genres are constructed realities (I love them so much), experimental vids, character studies and action vids. Ironic vids (contrasting music and images) are great too.

I really suck at picking music. I like fast-paced music, and I also like music without lyrics and remixes. As long as it's a good match for the visual source, I'm willing to go with it. I'm not such a fan of sampling lines of dialogue from the show/movie in vids. It's not a deal-breaker if that's your thing, but please don't put soundbites over the top of lyrics -- I find I can't focus on both at the same time.

That's everything I can think of. Have fun with it, and that pretty much guarantees I will too.

RPF - Ernie Dingo [Movie, TV, Commercial, Other]
I adore Ernie Dingo. His physical comedy is amazing, and he's just got such a happy face. Any character study of him would be awesome, but something that focuses on his comedy would be specially great.

The Sapphires (2012) [Movie]
This is such a great film, and I'd love any kind of vid from it: a dancing focused vid; politics; a character study; Australian focus. Whatever you like. A remixed version of a song from this era, or some kind of mash-up, might work really well.

Armour of God series [Movie]
I've asked for this fandom every year since Festivids began. Maybe this year I'll get lucky. I love Jackie Chan, and Operation Condor is my favourite of all his films. I'd love something with Jackie being funny and amazing. Bonus points if you include the giant wind turbine sequence -- one of the most classic comedy-action scenes ever filmed.

Babe series [Movie]
A vid with Babe and Magda Szubanski would be super awesome.

Monkey Japan/China [TV]
I loved this show as a kid. An action vid, a comedy vid, an ensemble vid -- any of these would be amazing. Monkey and Tripitaka were my faves.

James Bond films (various) [Movie]
A vid focusing on the Bond women would be super awesome-sauce. One of the Bond theme-songs might be the perfect ironic counterpoint for a women-focused Bond vid. :)

Sister Act movies [Movie]
Whoopi Goldberg.

Sesame Street [Movie, TV]
I'd really like a vid with one or more of these characters: Kermit the Frog, Oscar the Grouch, Snuffleuppagus and Big Bird, Bert and Ernie. I also like Grover/Super Grover and the Count.
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