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Teen Wolf Xmas - Week 1

Over on Tumblr there's a fest celebrating Teen Wolf Xmas in the lead up to Season 3B. It sounded like fun, so I've been taking part. Here are my entries so far:

TW-Xmas Week 1

Day 1 - Favourite episode S1

TWOLF Magic Bullet, by cupidsbow

Day 2 - Favourite werewolf S1

TWOLF Derek Hale, by cupidsbow

Day 3 - Favourite human S1

TWOLF Stiles Stilinski, by cupidsbow

Day 4 - Heart breaking scene

TWOLF Heartbreak, by cupidsbow

Day 5 - Quote cast member

Crystal Reed being adorable. My edit of the video shared by kim e:

Day 6 - Favourite quote S1

Day 7 - Favourite song S1
  • 1x01 - Cobrastyle, by Teddybears
  • 1x10 - Lose Your Soul, by Dead Man’s Bones
  • 1x05 - Time (Inception Soundtrack), by Hans Zimmer
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