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Vid: Gorgeous by cupidsbow (Festivids, Hugh Jackman, G)

Oh, Hugh Jackman, how I love your dorky dancing moves. :)

I made this treat at the same time I made the shark vid. I figured I'd need an antidote to looking at severed limbs, so I switched between the two projects to give myself a break from the gore. It turned out that I probably didn't need an antidote, but I had a hell of a lot of fun making this anyway.

I really love how this vid turned out. I'd been toying with using this piece of music for a while, and when I decided to make a funny tribute to Hugh Jackman it just seemed the perfect match. This was one of those projects which almost edited itself -- everything came together so easily, like it was meant to be. I think that really shines through in the vid too.

Title: Gorgeous, by [personal profile] cupidsbow/cupidsbow
Fandom: RPF - Hugh Jackman
Characters: Hugh Jackman and various of his roles
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Recipient: A treat for [ profile] mithborien, for Festivids 2013. (Originally posted here).

Summary: Who is this man?

Festivids: Gorgeous, by cupidsbow

Download from MediaFire: MP4 (rar 35.5MB); WMV (rar 64.4MB)
Stream: YouTube

  • Jaguar XJ x350 Gorgeous TV Commercial, based on the song Steamworks by The Presets
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  • Lipton’s Ice Tea with Hugh Jackman - The Slap
  • Nomad: Two Worlds
  • Who Can Lift More - Ellen or Hugh Jackman?
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