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Teen Wolf Xmas - Week 4

This was the final week I managed to post. It was a lot of fun to do this fest. Maybe next year, I'll do it for all my fandoms. :)

Week 4

Day 22 - Fave human S3A

Day 22 - Stiles: always thinking, by cupidsbow

Day 23 - Mistletoe kiss

Day 23 - Mistletoe Kiss, by cupidsbow

Day 24 - Lovely message

Tyler Posey recently walked to raise awareness and money for cancer research. In his speech, he said that the reason he is an actor is to inspire people, and went on to be generally heartfelt and lovely.

It was hard to pick a single lovely message for this post, as all the cast have done charity work, and said adorable things. But I chose this one, because like Posey, leukemia research is a cause close to my heart. I’ve also walked in the past for a similar event in my own city.

Day 27 - Fave song S3A

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