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Migraines and Festivids

Migraine Whinge

I think the most annoying part of migraines, after the pain, nausea, exhaustion and so on have passed, is the way my eyes don't work properly for up to 24 hours afterwards. It's not really my eyes, of course, it's my brain not processing information properly, but it's so frustrating to be otherwise feeling less like crap, and yet barely being able to read. :(

I don't think I can even watch festivids tonight, which makes me sad. I'm only half way through, and there are still so many good ones to go!

I can still just about type though, ironically, because although I mix up the letters, spell check fixes that, and I can touch type so don't need to see very well at all. Maybe I should spend the next hour before I fall back into bed working on some of my WIPs.

This Year's Fests

I was too tired and/or ill to enjoy most of my fests this year -- I mainly filled them by finishing off WIPs I already had in my files. Otherwise I would have defaulted on all of them. It made me very sad, because usually fest time is the high point of my year. Thank god for WIP files is all I can say.

I've already posted my two Teen Wolf fest entries, which just leaves DeanCas Xmas and Festivids.

DeanCas Xmas

The fest is now fully posted: 2013 Dean/Cas Secret Santa Exchange. The big reveal is in just a couple of days.

I got a vid this year -- a great character study of Castiel in S9: Never Let Me Go.

You're welcome to try and pick what I made. Given that there's only one vid, and it was my gift, that probably gives you a clue that I didn't make a vid. :)


The exception to the rule when it came to festing this year was Festivids. I had one golden stretch of about 10 days in which I was neither sick nor at work, and I managed to make somewhere between one and five vids. One of them is even good, which is pretty amazing given how fast I had to make them all. Of course, the one I think is the best is not the most popular. :)

You're welcome to try to guess which ones I made -- it would make me very happy if you did. You're welcome to do so here, but there's also an official Guess the Vidder post. I've only ever been guessed once (incorrectly) in all the years I've taken part, so it would be cool if some of you had a go.

Here's the festivids master post:

I'll post my favourites as a rec set here, but if you are impatient and want to know my picks so far, you can see the bookmarks under this tag:

I got a fantastic vid -- Whoopi Goldberg rocking it in a Sister Act vid, ABC. It's happymaking, and the vidder managed to pack in all my favourite things. Thank you, Festividder!

And now I think I'm just about off to bed again, to get rid of the last of this blasted migraine.

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