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The Sterek Reunion Scene

Having spammed you with all the meta I wrote in the lead up to the finale, I now present you with a frivolous wish for season 4. :)

If there is any justice in the world, the following scene will happen in Teen Wolf s4...

Derek will be chained up somewhere and phasing into and out of his escapist day-dreams while he's Kate's prisoner. In the day-dreams, he and Stiles are hanging out, discussing potential escape plans, having the occasional bro cuddle after particularly chilly torture sessions, etc.

When he's finally rescued by the gang, he assumes at first it's still one of his day-dreams, so he gives Stiles a big old hug, and says something like, "This is my favourite escape so far. Shame it's so unrealistic."

And Stiles is like, "Um... dude," and his heart is going bananas.

So Derek snuffles Stiles neck a bit and can actually smell him, and thinks, Shit, fuck, he called me dude! This is real! And let's go of Stiles licketysplit, BUT THE DAMAGE IS DONE.

And all the way back to Beacon Hills, Stiles keeps popping up near the skeevy motel vending machines when Derek is getting a midnight snack and asking, "But do you find me attractive, Derek?" and giving him big eyes.

Meanwhile day-dream Stiles is laughing his ass off, of course. Because he's a shit, and also, he's totally stopped offering Derek bro cuddles out of solidarity for real Stiles.

It's a very confusing time for Derek.

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