cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Dear Festividder

Hello lovely festividder!

I'm a huge fan of all sorts of vids, so please make something that you love first, because I'm sure to like it too.

There are a few things I'm particularly fond of: fast-paced vids, experimental or weird vids, constructed reality or AU vids, and ironic vids. Basically, if you have an off-the-wall idea, I'm the one to vid it for.:)

I have eclectic music tastes -- I like music without lyrics, mash-ups and remixes, all different eras, and fast-paced music.

A pet peeve: I don't like sound-bites over the top of lyrics -- I can't understand either when that's done. But sampling is fine when it's not over lyrics, so if that's your thing, it's fine if there's no clash.

I think that's everything. Thanks again, and I hope you have fun with it.


RPF - Ernie Dingo [Movie, TV, Commercial, Other]
I adore Ernie Dingo. He's hilarious and any character study of him would be awesome, but something that focuses on his comedy would be specially great.

The Sapphires (2012) [Movie]
This is such a great film, and the women are such a delight. I'd love any kind of vid from it, from character study to dancing, to the war. Something era appropriate, or even better, a clever remix or cover.

Armour of God series [Movie]
It's become a tradition for me to ask for this source every year. One year I'm going to get a shock when it's actually vidded. :) I love Jackie Chan, and Operation Condor is my favourite of all his films. I'd love something with Jackie being funny and amazing. Bonus points if you include the giant wind turbine sequence -- one of the most classic comedy-action scenes ever filmed.

A Very Perculiar Practice (1986) [TV]
The nuns! If there is enough footage to make a vid of the anarchist nuns, I'll love you forever. But I would also love any kind of vid about this hilarious show.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency [TV]
The women are the heart of this show, but the everyday detail of the setting is also a delight. A vid with a focus on a slice-of-life might be perfect.

SeaChange (1998) [TV]
This is one of my favourite shows. Laura and Diver Dan are my favourites, closely followed by Kevin and Trevor. But I love all the characters. The ep where Laura was riding her bike all around town was pretty adorable. A slice of small town life would be awesome for this, or a character study; something that captures the humour and good-will of the show. I have a real friendship kink, and this source would be perfect for something along those lines too.

Twelfth Night 1996
This is my favourite Shakespeare play of all time, and one of my favourite ever adaptations to film. I love the brooding drama, the autumnal colours, the action merging into slapstick, the genderbending. Viola and Olivia are my favourites, but I also love Sebastian and Antonio. Make something gorgeous.

Hudson Hawk (1991) [Movie]
I love the over-the-topness of this movie. It makes me laugh. So something focusing on the comedy and action and the wonderful visual style would be awesome. This entry was originally posted at
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