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Festivids Recs 2014

You can find this year's Festivids masterlist post: here. The whole thing is worth a look.
I scored two vids this year, and I'm super lucky because they are also my favourite vids this year. :)

Armour of God, “Dance!” (PG-13)

This is such a great vid. Excellent song choice, fantastic use of movement, and funny! Everything I wanted of a Jackie Chan vid. Highly recced.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, “No Problem So Great,” (G)
And this is all about the therapeutic value of a good cup of tea. I love it. The sense of community and women's business at the heart of this show shines through every cup. :) Also highly recced.

Other vids I recommend highly, in alphabetical fandom order:

Antique, “Sugar Shack,” (PG-13)

Fast paced, hilarious, and guaranteed to make you hungry.

The Emperor's New Groove, “Rama Llama Llama,” (PG-13)
And the prize for most delightful crack pairing goes to this vid, and I won't ruin the surprise for you. :)

Festivids, “Silent Fandoms,” (G)
This one is unusual, original, fascinating. Not your standard vid, but a truly unique experiment, offering commentary on vidding and fandom.

Halloween Films, “White Telephone,” (M)
What makes this vid so amazing is the mash up of Jamie Lee Curtis in her original role, and the more recent reprise. As an exploration of trauma and the will to survive it's completely gripping. I really love this one.

Maleficent, “Shake It Off,” (PG-13)
I love this character study of Maleficent. It's gorgeous from start to finish and so cleverly constructed.

Ratatouille, “The Walker,” (G)
What's not to love about the story of a rat who just wants to cook? It's the brilliant song choice and sharp editing that makes this so good.

More recommendations behind the cut.

(Note for those playing the guess-the-vidder game: I may or may not have included vid(s) by me in the following recs. :)

14 Blades, "Mind Heist," (PG-13)
Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, “Classic,” (G)
Batman, “I Am What I Am,” (PG-13)
Being Human, “Gone Tech,” (PG-13)
Bend it Like Beckham, “Absolutely Me,” (PG-13)
Black Swan, “Everything In Its Right Place,” (M)
The Brain Scoop, “Know Today,” (PG-13)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Dynamite,” (PG-13)
Clue, “Clu-oops!” (M)
Fargo, “Mean One,” (M)
Gravity, “All That Remains,” (PG-13)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., “S&M,” (PG-13)
Mawaru Penguindrum, “Look Around You: Penguins,” (PG-13)
Only Lovers Left Alive, “You & I Sail,” (PG-13)
Pit Bulls and Parolees, “I’ll Be There For You,” (PG-13)
Singin' in the Rain, “The Modern Approach,” (G)
Singin' in the Rain, “Primadonna - A Tribute to Lina,” (G)

ETA Wow, I missed a vid. Not sure how that happened, but I managed to not watch it at all, and what a vid it is!

Life of Pi, “All I Want,” (PG-13)

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