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Songvid: "Hurt" by cupidsbow (SPN, Dean/Castiel, PG-15)

I was asked to do this as a pinch hit, and I'm so glad I was. The prompt was for a Destiel vid to a really angsty song, but with a happy ending preferred. Challenge accepted. :)

Once I decided on what is probably the angstiest song of the last decade, it was actually a lot of fun to let myself go to eleven on matching it to the visuals. The only problem being there was so much to choose from! I'm pleased with how the vid turned out, though. It gave me a lot of feels as I was vidding it, and I hope it does for you as you watch.

Title: Hurt, by cupidsbow
Visual source: Supernatural
Music: Hurt, Johnny Cash
Characters: Dean/Castiel, Benny, Sam, Charlie, Kevin
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Flashes, violence.
Recipient: marywinchester, for Dean/Castiel Secret Santa 2015. (Originally posted here).

Summary: I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel.
Hurt Cover, by cupidsbow

Download from MediaFire: SPN-Hurt-cupidsbow-sm.rar (67.92MB, MP4)
Stream: YouTube

Supernatural episodes
522 - Swan Song
702 - Hello, Cruel World
802 - What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?
S8 DVD Extras
913 - The Purge
914 - Captives
1003 - Soul Survivor
1004 - Paper Moon
1009 - The Things We Left Behind
1016 - Paint it Black
1018 - Book of the Damned
1019 - The Werther Project
1021 - Dark Dynasty
1022 - The Prisoner
1023 - Brother’s Keeper

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