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Festivids recs!

This year, I found Festivids to be surprisingly happymaking. I mean, it always is, because these are small fandoms dear to people's hearts. But last year, there was definitely an angsty vibe to a lot of vids, and this year, it's just so happy! Anyway, on with the recs.

For me!!!

Falling in Love (Persuasion) by dkwilliams
I love Persuasion. It's one of my favourite books, and this particular adaptation is lovely. A lot of what I love about it is in the language though, so I really wasn't sure how well it would translate into a vid. All credit to the vidder, because this is charming. It's full of Anne's yearning, and the song choice pays off in the most fabulous way in the climax. So good.

Highly recced:

Blank Space (MacGyver; MacGyver/Murdoc) by Jetpack Monkey
Sometimes a slash vid happens that makes you wonder why it had never happened before. This is that vid. Surprisingly funny and delightful.

Galaxyrise (Apollo 13, but really a multivid of small space fandoms) by starlady
This is gorgeous! It's an affecting and dreamy journey through space, via a handful of recent movies, and combined with the soundtrack it works better than any words I could use to describe it.

Flashbulb Eyes (unREAL) by hollywoodgrrl
I've never seen this show, and it looks like something I'd hate, but in the hands of this vidder, wow. It's cruel and gorgeous and perfect.

It follows in Five Pieces (It Follows) by kiki_miserychic
I love the unapologetic way the vidder lingers on details and key moments. It makes for a broody, interesting character study.

A Forest (Limbo) by violace
I have no idea what this source is. I think it's a game? Whatever it is, the song choice is perfect, and matches the moody, melancholy visuals perfectly.

Also recommended:

Welcome to the Jungle (Henry V) by grammarwoman
I love the way this vid shows the transition of Henry from effete court darling to weary soldier. Beautifully done.

Ho Hey (Flash Gordon 1980) by sweetestdrain
I honestly thought there was nothing new to say in a vid from this source, but I was wrong. This is delightfully 80s, but not in the way I expected.

Gonna Get Through This World (An Adventure in Time and Space) by purplefringe
A well-done vid about the creators of Dr Who back in the day.

Outta My Head (Wonderfalls) by Kitty
This is funny and yet also creepy, as Jaye's run-ins with inanimate objects go on and on and on throughout the vid. 

What a Way to Make a Living (Black Books) by gwenfrankenstien
Hahahahahaha. That is all. :)

Your Mother (Saga) by chost lingering
Such a clever audio choice, and so beautifully vidded.

Return to / of / from (The Secret Garden) by condnsdmlk
Gorgeous and full of emotion.

Black Out Days (A Streetcar Named Desire) by hollywoodgrrl
Brilliantly vidded stage play, and Gillian Anderson is completely magnetic. So well done.

Stray Italian Greyhound (Inside Out) by chaila
A great take on this movie, and I particularly love the ending.

Love Will Always Win (Planet Earth) by Little Heaven

Here it Goes Again (Chopped) by Shati
Cooking disasters, it turns out, are absolutely delightful to watch when vidded to a catchy beat. :)

Relations of Life (Europa Report) by starlady
Clever music choice and spot-on editing make this super creepy, in a slowly building and relentless way.

Cake to Bake (The Great British Bake Off) by ohvienna
Warning: this vid will make you hungry, and also charm your socks off. 
Great White Cat (Hausu) by terajk
Warning for gore. I don't know what this source is; it's bizarre but it makes for surreally funny/gory vids.

C'mon (Inside Out) by rhobaot
Beautifully edited vid, and yes, all the feels.

Superstar (The Muppets) by Little Heaven
Miss Piggy at her karate chopping best.

The masterlist of vids is here, and so many more are also worth a look. Happy festivids, everyone!
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