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Venom: Role Confusion (Meta)

I wanted to talk about the Role Confusion series I’m currently writing, but I have to be a bit careful about it, because I don’t want to break my creative spell by giving too much away about what’s to come.

The thing I wanted to talk about is something I suspect won’t end up in the fic, but kind of underpins everything.

So this is a series of stories about Venom and Eddie Brock, from Venom’s point of view. I wanted to explore what it’s like for an alien to acclimate to Earth, and I’ve been really enjoying that so far. But the thing that got me interested was the question: how would Eddie’s body affect Venom?

It’s pretty obvious how Venom’s body affects Eddie, right. That’s basically what the film is about. One of the things I’ve thought about a lot, though, as I’ve explored some of the precepts of feminism is how important embodiment is, and that the mind/body split is really a bunch of sexist bullshit. We like to think we are beings of mind, but while we are clearly more than simple instinct, our bodies affect us profoundly. There’s the basics of hunger, thirst and physical discomfort. But there’s also our perception of time. Tiredness. Heat and cold and how they directly affect how well we think. Our experiences of gender. Aging. What it’s like to be sexual beings and the oddness of arousal. So many things.

And here’s where I got really interested in Venom, because as a symbiont, he clearly needs things from Eddie’s body to survive, and he’s plugged into Eddie’s systems at a fairly profound level. What happens to a symbiont when they marinade in a human’s hormones for long periods of time?

I think that they probably start to adapt and change, both physically and mentally, so that their symbiosis is more efficient. Which means Venom has been thrown into the deep end of human culture and trying to find their place, while at the same time, their physiology is being actively reprogrammed by Eddie’s hormones. As a story writer, that seems like a pretty exciting situation. What would that look like? How would Venom react to it? How would Eddie? How does the movie!verse with no Spiderman acting as an antagonist change things?

That was my jumping off point. I doubt that Venom will ever think overtly about their changing physiology – it seems too info-dumpish to be good fiction – so it probably won’t be in the story itself. But that’s my what if…? And I have been dying to talk about it, but I also didn’t want to write a long author’s note about it, at least not until the fic was finished. It kind of seems to defeat the purpose of writing fic instead of meta if I have to write a long explanation. So I’ve just been sitting on my desire to talk about it, and channeling it into writing more.

I think the answer I’m going with is already pretty obvious in the fic, and it’s turning out to be enormous fun to write. It amuses me a lot, though, that the comments mainly say “how cute” the stories are, as Venom eats rats, chucks tantrums, and breaks into people’s flats. Hahahaha.

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