cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

Slash Fic: Kissing Elijah

I cannot tell you how immensely chuffed I am that Talesin wrote this for me, and how happy I am that she gave me permission to post it. All I can say is that she totally rocks!

*snogs Tales madly*

Title: Kissing Elijah
Author: Talesin Bloom – talesinbloom at hotmail dot com
Pairing: EW/OB, LotR RPS
Rating: M
Length: 900 words
For: cupidsbow, who nagged begged oh-so-pretty :) And for Dude, you know who you are and you rock.
Disclaimer: It never happened; it’s fiction.
Notes: Companion story to cupidsbow’s “Kissing Orlando.”


Kissing Elijah

I.O.U. one session of friendly, no pressure kissing.

Orlando stared at the beermat, registering its fuzzy felt surface against the pads of his fingertips before he comprehended what it said.

I... meaning Elijah, he supposed.

Owe... be in debt, be bound, be under obligation, be in arrears, have a debt to pay, his superthesaurus tendencies supplied helpfully. That was pretty straightforward.

U... He huffed in bemusement. Blinked. U... meaning me, I suppose?

One session of friendly, no pressure... again, fairly full steam ahead with the straightforward. Ah, but here's the clincher.

Kissing... as in to kiss, peck, smooch, neck, osculate, suck face, tongue, French, pucker up.

Orlando lifted his head to stare at Elijah as his inner English teacher once more sing-songed alternate meanings for snogging through his mind. He licked his lips. Opened his mouth to say something. Couldn't figure out what, exactly, to say. Closed his mouth again, shook his head in confusion. Surely Elijah didn't mean literally what he'd written. Right?

Orlando's fingers clenched together, a fraction too late to stop Dom from plucking the beermat out of his hand. Tried instead, as Dom read its contents out loud, to erase the unbelievably vivid mental image—Elijah's cupid's bow mouth on his own, complete with ghost tingles along the nerves of his lips and a low ache in his groin—that the innocuous looking beermat had given to him.

Man, he missed being kissed.

Shocked silence followed Dom's recital. After a long moment, a response finally came to Orlando's preoccupied mind.

" that some kind of...pass...or something?" Orlando twitched a hesitant finger in the general direction of the beermat. He was faintly surprised to find himself not knowing exactly what answer he wanted to hear from Elijah, and even more surprised at the lightening quick there-then-gone touch of disappointment when Elijah laughed at the looks on the faces surrounding him and answered in the negative. He sat quietly for a moment, poking gently at the angles surrounding his surprise, vaguely hearing his companions discussing duck fucking something, until his attention was caught once more by Elijah's voice.

"...or in this case a placebo duck."

Orlando quirked his mouth, unable to resist a quick dig at the supremely logical tone that was in such stark contrast to the confusion he felt about the simple statement Elijah had penned.

"You're giving me a little known band that plays crappy music?" He grinned to himself as Elijah rolled expressive blue eyes up toward the ceiling in a silent plea for patience in dealing with the semi-sotted philistines surrounding him.

"A placebo. You know, fake medicine to make you think you've taken something to help you when you haven't really."

Orlando felt his heart give a funny lurch. Billy said it. Clever Elijah. How did he do it? The residual pain of being single and without that had lingered in and around his emotions, and clouded everything he'd thought or done since the break-up, suddenly seemed lighter. Less consuming. He was saved from having to reach for the beermat, just to read the words again for himself, by Elijah snagging it from Dom and dropping it in front of him. He traced the words gently as Elijah tried, futilely, to convince Dom it wasn't supposed to be an open invitation for Orlando to snog him senseless.

Unless I want it to be, Orlando thought to himself with a deep-seated sense of comforted warmth.

Orlando lifted his head with a faintly rebellious feeling of possessiveness as Sean voiced a desire for a placebo of his own from Elijah. He wanted Elijah's offer to be just for him and he didn't want to look too closely at why. Not right now. Maybe later, when he was closer to completely sober and not right on top of feeling so...needy. Gave a small, guilty sigh of relief at the near-instant, laughing refusal, and the reasoning for it, from Elijah.

Orlando tried again, fruitlessly, to erase an image of Elijah... soft lips, quiet murmurs, wet tongue, hot mouth, comforting strokes of hands... from his mind as he leaned over the table to snag Sean's forgotten pocket diary, slipping the pen neatly back into its holder. He waited a fraction of a second before sliding out of the booth. Long enough for Dom to have turned toward the door, cellphone to his ear, before creasing the beermat in half and slipping it into his wallet, nestling it firmly between his agent's business card and a receipt from the airport coffee shop where his ex-girlfriend had informed him of his newly acquired single status. He pointedly ignored the lone condom mocking him from an inner flap. He hustled to catch up to the others.

Orlando knew he really didn't need the beermat as proof of Elijah's concern and caring. And of course he would never actually use it. He just wanted the tangible confirmation of knowing that no matter how badly his life, relationships, or career was, is, or ever might be... Elijah would keep him from breaking on the rocky bottom.

Try as he might though, Orlando couldn't keep from wondering.

What would Elijah do... supposing he ever needed to cash it in?

* * *
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