cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,


I had a nice day today. I was reading through the comments my supervisors have made about my stories, and one of the suggestion was to increase the background material on elves in one of them. Great excuse to go and look up a whole heap of Norse mythology, huh?

I went and followed all the links at and in the process re-discovered that elfs (or alfs) are also known as the Liosálfar, Döckálfar and Svartalfar. Aren't they lovely names?

So now I have elves coming out of my... ears :)

This weekend I'm going to focus on re-writes. So I think I'll probably work from home. But there'll be more Falling Stars on Monday, and maybe some Doll 3 as well (depending on how hot the writing is :)

Have a good weekend everyone!
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