cupidsbow (cupidsbow) wrote,

X-treme Wormhole

Thanks to the lovely Fe for finding the missing Stargate SG1 slash spoof I mentioned in a previous post. There are more typos in it than I remembered, and the version I originally read had some neat graphics that this version doesn't have. But it's still hilarious! So go read... Lady G's Wormhole Extreme.

And while I'm on the topic of missing stories... There was this very funny Dom/Elijah (LotRiPS) story (not a pairing I usually go for), with 'action figures' (or some variation) in the title. Like... "Milton's [I don't think it was Milton, but it was a well-known poet]Lost Ode to Action Figures." It isn't anything like my story about action figures. This one is sweet, and quotes actual poetry. Wish I could find it again. I didn't bother to bookmark it, because it was Dom/Elijah. Doh!
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