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Cupid's Bow

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This LiveJournal is my stress relief zone, in which I tend to rant about the pitfalls of writing, and the manifold joys of fanfiction. I don't separate my interests, so there's also talk of websites, stories, movies, books, reviews, politics and whatever else takes my magpie fancy. Some of it is rated not for children, so please check the headers on all posts before reading.

All friends are welcome. I don't stand on ceremony, so just friend away. Go ahead and unfriend whenever you want, too. I won't be offended. If you want access to my f-locked fic, just drop me a comment and I'll friend you back; I won't friend back unless you ask (or start up a conversation) because I'm trying not to hit this problem again.

You can find my writing here:
I read and write in several fandoms. The current hot favourite is Stargate: Atlantis. My stories have ratings and warnings in the headers, so be sure to check them out.

If you're still hungry for more stuff to read, you could try my multi-fandom rec community, rec_room, or my Lotrips/LotR rec community, lotr_squee.

I also maintain a list of other people's rec sites, and a Lotrips Video List. Then there's the SGA Fanon Tracking Project: The Terminator Listing. Finally, there's the Primer for Reading SGA Fanfic, How to Find Stuff in SGA Fandom and A Genderfuck Reader in SGA.

~ cupidsbow ~
February 2008

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